The Oilerie Balsamic
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    The Oilerie Balsamic

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    Product Description

    An Oilerie exclusive produced in Italy just for us. The top selling product in our store and a fabulous value. If you could find this balsamic pre-bottled in a gourmet store you could expect to pay $80.00 for it. Rich, thick and luscious. Almost a liqueur. It has the density, aroma and flavor of a great 25 year old Balsamic! Use this with any of our oils for salads and bread dipping. Anyone would be grateful to receive a bottle of this superb balsamic as a gift. Sprinkle liberally over steaks, roasts, chops and chicken before cooking. This is the balsamic one drizzles over strawberries and ice cream. This balsamic has been carefully aged for the best flavor. Our offering is a stunning value! 6% acidity. Modena Italy. 12.7 oz (375mL)


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