Our Story


The Oilerie® Olive Oil Bar® store concept has revolutionized the way Americans buy olive oil. We have been hand bottling extra virgin olive oil and aged Balsamic vinegar since 2003, longer than anyone else in the USA. Our production facility is located in a small town about an hour south of Rome. I like to say take the A1 in the direction of Napoli and then take a left at Frosinone. With our exclusive and exceptionally short supply chain we offer you the freshest and finest products direct from Italy.

Our producer Adriano is the fourth generation of his family to be involved with olive oil. Adriano is a Master and it is said that he is the best in Italy at what he does and we say if he is the best in Italy than he is the best in all of the world. We are very proud of our partnership with Adriano and his firm and we have visited his facility several times since the beginning. In the fall of 2011, Oilerie USA rented a villa near Rome and took the first four of our six franchise store owners over to meet Adriano. We harvested olives by hand and watched as olives were crushed into extra virgin olive oil. The trip was a thrill for all and it cemented our relationship with Adriano and showed our franchisees the source of our products.

Our trips to Italy, and especially the countryside away from tourist centers, have taught us about the Italian passion for food and the land. It is a remarkably simple philosophy that Adriano has for his olive trees; “take care of your trees and they will take care of you”. Bringing up “organic” produces smiles from Adriano’s team for they know that trees that are 500 years old and still producing olives have been organic for not years but centuries. America is still such a new country.

In the country side of Lazio, the province in which our oils are produced, there is a special pride taken by family owned businesses. Eat in a restaurant where mama is cooking and papa is working the tables and not a word of English is spoken nor understood and one soon realizes that the more enjoyment shown for the food and the effort it takes to prepare and serve it is soon repaid a thousand times in smiles. At one such family restaurant the proprietor brought out six bottles of house wine for our group to take back to the villa. “Why” I asked the villa’s owner “would he give us wine to take home?” “Because” the villa’s owner said “you laughed and drank and ate and totally enjoyed the evening which made the owners very proud. To not talk, push food around your plate and then leave some food on your plate is saying to the owners ‘your food is nothing more than a bin of old socks’” That was the moment I realized how special Adriano was and how lucky we were to have found him. Adriano pours his heart and soul into his work and takes tremendous pride in his products. We believe that the extra virgin olive oils that Adriano produces for us and the aged Balsamic vinegar that Adriano sources for us are among the best in the world. It is our passion and pride to be able to bring these fine foods to you.

Think of it this way; from Adriano to The Oilerie to You.

Our Italy Trip

It was April of 2003 and my wife Amy Jo and I were headed to Krakow, Poland for Easter. It was on that trip that we saw, for the first time, bulk olive oil being sold and bottled in small boutiques. I was immediately struck by the thought, “Why don’t we have stores like this in America?” Within six months, we were merrily bottling extra virgin olive oils and Balsamic vinegars in a small cottage in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. The first store of it’s kind in the US, and it took off like a rocket. Within four years we became the largest single store retailer of extra virgin olive oil in America!


Today you’ll find our little shop bursting with customers as excited as I was when I “discovered” a store devoted to oils and vinegars. Folks love the idea of tasting before buying and they simply cannot wait to get home to cook with, dress salads with and dip bread in our fabulous collection of extra virgin olive oils. And it’s our “exclusive” collection.

We travel to Italy and personally meet with our producers, literally hand selecting the oils and vinegars that we sell in our store. With this unique arrangement we control the quality and more importantly the freshness of our oils. In 2007, we launched our Oilerie USA franchise program. We see Oilerie as the next Starbucks™. The neighborhood store where one can buy the absolute freshest olive oil from the folks who know the products like the back of their hand. We invite you to celebrate our journey with us — order online or visit an Oilerie store and experience the “magic” as we have.